Intimate wedding


We asked wedding planner Hayley Jayne wedding & events planner to share with us her top tips and advantages on planning an intimate wedding.

Intimate wedding

Whilst some couples may consider an intimate wedding as a cost effective alternative to a traditional white wedding, others will view a smaller wedding as the perfect opportunity to plan a relaxed and personal day that truly reflects them as a couple. 

I for one adore planning intimate weddings, that along with the obvious benefits also come with a whole host of advantages, which is great news for couples who have chosen to plan a small heartfelt celebration and keep romance at the heart of their wedding day.

Less Planning Less Stress

Planning a wedding is no small feat, from the all important guest list, deciding which catering options to offer to your guests as well as choosing the perfect blooms to incorporate into your big day. It therefore goes without saying, incorporating fewer elements into your special day will equate to fewer decisions to make and fewer decisions will ultimately lead to less stress. 


Getting Personal

A smaller guest list will allow you to truly spoil your nearest and dearest with an abundance of personal touches. Thoughtful ideas such as individual favors for each of your guests, arranging your guests transport so they can relax and enjoy your special day. You could even repurposing your floral centrepieces and gifting them to your guests at the end of the night. All of which will show your family and friends how special they are to you and how grateful you were to have celebrated your wedding day with them.

Quality Time

No doubt you have been told this before, but your wedding day will pass in the blink of an eye. With larger weddings a couple will have an endless list of timings to follow, making it tricky for the newly weds to take a step back and enjoy their special day. With a smaller more intimate wedding there will be more time to mingle and create special memories with each of your guests as well as each other. 


Choosing a Venue

With fewer guests to consider you can think outside the box and choose a less conventional venue for your wedding day. Unique settings such as vineyards, art galleries or your local restaurant are perfect spaces to host an intimate wedding.

Some couples planning an intimate wedding are choosing to extend their wedding day to a wedding weekend and exclusively hiring a country house, boutique hotel or a rustic farmhouse. This allows their guests to truly unwind and celebrate their nuptials in style. Now that is something that would not be possible with a traditional sized guest list. 

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