Environmental Policy

At Little Tin Shed Flowers, we are very lucky to work with beautiful flowers and amazing natural products to create stunning floral designs. However, we are all too aware that the floristry industry itself can cause damage to the environment.

The team are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and the waste we produce whilst striving to include more sustainable working practises to reduce our impact on the environment.

Seasonal flowers

We always consider where our flowers come from and how they are grown to reduce the amount of transportation emissions. We aim to work with local flower growers and where possible will opt for seasonal and British varieties in our designs.

A lot of flowers used in the floristry industry are imported from countries where they have better growing conditions and don’t require artificial light, heating and artificial chemicals. We try to choose a product that has been grown and produced in an ethical and sustainable way.

In many of our designs we use hand-picked foliage grown in our own gardens and we will continue to plant more varieties to use in the future.

Reduce and recycle waste

To avoid additional waste, we always consider and plan the quantity of flowers and foliage we expect to use in our designs very carefully. This helps to cut down on any green waste for composting or recycling.

All our green waste is separated from any carboard or plastic packaging and recycled or composted. Any additional large cupboard boxes from flower deliveries are returned to the wholesalers to re-use.

If we do have any spare flowers, they are donated to local charity organisations or nursing homes so the local community can enjoy them.

Our fresh materials are ordered regularly to ensure a minimal storage time so the flowers can be enjoyed at their freshest. This reduces any associated energy for refrigeration and lighting and cuts down on the amount of water used to hydrate the flowers. We conserve water where possible by using any excess to water our own gardens.

Minimal use of floral foam

Floral foam provides great support for flower stems and as it is so absorbent, provides a good source of water. However, it can contain petro-chemicals and a type of plastic which does not break down in landfill.

As are our commitment to the environment we have recently switched to opting for bio-degradable floral foam and where possible opting for alternative methods and more natural materials to form a base for our designs such as moss or twig structures.  

Re-use and recycle packaging and mechanics

In order to reduce the amount of cellophane used for aqua packing or wrapping our bouquets, where possible we consider recyclable alternatives such as glass jars or vases which can be re-used.

We prefer tissue or decorative paper and raffia instead of cellophane or poly ribbon in our designs and source gift bags that are made from recycled material. Cellophane is used only when necessary.

Rather than using plastic containers for our floral designs we consider more eco-friendly alternatives such as wooden crates or vintage vases that have been upcycled.  Any plastic trays, bindings or water vials are recycled for future use and where possible glass vials are used rather than plastic.

We always consider prop hire for weddings and source products locally, forging strong working relationships with other local businesses.  Several of our large frames for arches and hanging floral installations have been made in house and alongside our display stands and can be re-used. Our vases and stands are available to hire.

Our funeral ranges offer comprehensive selection of designs using natural and bio gradable materials. We will actively encourage our customers to choose these designs where possible

We are always looking to extend our range and methods.

Business practises

All our quotes are sent via email to cut down on paper and energy used for printing.

Our delivery routes are planned carefully to ensure the most direct route and reduce fuel emissions. The majority of our team members live within 5 miles of the business premises.

We strive to grow partnerships with local businesses including wedding venues and funeral directors.  We only deliver single bouquet deliveries within a 5-mile radius.

Our commitment to providing eco-friendly flowers and design solutions will be ongoing and our sustainability policy reviewed annually.